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Furniture transport, 
transport of household appliances and building materials, 
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Furniture transport can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to bulky pieces of furniture such as wardrobes, cupboards, sideboards and vintage antiques. In addition, there are many other items that need to be transported from one place to another, whether for private or business purposes. 
For years, we have been working out additional tools that help us to secure loads of all kinds during transport so that you do not realise that they have been transported. 
We know exactly what we are doing.  

We have transport straps, rubber bands, wooden crates, paper and plastic bands, transport blankets, bubble wrap, packing paper, various cardboard boxes, packaging wrap (stretch), transport trolleys (stacking trolley, Moppel) in various sizes and on various wheels, which enable us to secure and transport the load professionally. 

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using a professional transportation service for various items such as building materials, concert equipment, household appliances and more. 
Whether it's individual items or complete hauls, new or second-hand, a solid transport partner can help you get your valuables to their destination safely and securely.

Furniture transport 

Transporting bulky pieces of furniture requires a high level of expertise and care. A professional furniture transportation service has qualified personnel and the necessary equipment to pack and transport your furniture safely and assemble it professionally at its destination. Whether it's new or used furniture, you can rest assured that your pieces will arrive in perfect condition.

Transport of building materials

A professional transportation service understands the special requirements of transporting building materials and will ensure that your materials are delivered safely and on time.
Equipment for concerts, exhibitions and family celebrations
Whether it's band equipment for a concert, exhibition exhibits or organizing a family party, a reliable transport partner can help you get your valuable items, as well as bouquets of flowers, microphones, drums or tables, safely to the venue. You can rest assured that your furnishings will arrive on time and intact so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Household appliances

The safe transportation of household appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, extractor hoods, electric stoves, televisions, monitors, printers, sewing machines, humidifiers, pumps washing machines or dryers often requires special precautions to avoid damage.  A professional transportation service can help you move your valuable items safely and efficiently without having to worry about possible damage or loss.
Items for the home
Carpets, lamps, kitchen utensils can be delicate items that can easily be damaged during transportation. An experienced transportation service can ensure that your carpets are well packed and protected to prevent damage. Similarly, lamps can be transported safely to prevent any kind of damage.

Pictures, posters and billboards

Transporting delicate items such as pictures, posters or billboards requires experience and appropriate protective measures. As an experienced transport company, we know how annoying it can be if dirt gets on the sides of a painting or fingerprints on the frame or plexiglass. 

Kitchen furniture

If you buy used kitchen furniture, we can take care of the complete transportation, including dismantling at the previous owner's place. We do not dismantle them down to the bare boards so that they can be easily reassembled. We also offer cost-effective transport to your kitchen for new furniture and arrange appointments so that you can rely on us.


A professional transportation service can help you move furniture, building materials, equipment and other valuables safely from one place to another. Whether it's a single move or a complete relocation, a reliable partner will ensure that your belongings are protected and insured. 

Rely on the expertise of such a service provider to transport your belongings stress-free and without loss or damage. In addition, we have adequate insurance that allows us to make good any mistakes. We have insurance cover for all goods transported and for any damage caused to your home or stairwell. You can really trust us!