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Move out

Are you moving out?  This always takes a lot of stress and there is always a lot to do. It is more comfortable to hire a company that will do all the tasks for you. Our strong and reliable workers will carry all your stuff for you and will answer all your questions. We will take care of Halteverbot, assembly the furnitures,put everything in the van and then carry all your stuff straight to your new apartment. 

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Did you find a cool furniture? A vintage wardrobe that fits perfectly into your bedroom? Do you shop in Ikea,Poco,Bauhaus? Anything that you find - we will transport it for you - no matter if it was expensive,cheap or for free.  

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We can transport anything!

Experience is our second name. We transported pets, art work,instruments, plants and buildings materials Anything that is inside our van is more than safe with us!

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Clearance of apartments or basements 

We know what happened. Too many "vintage" furnitures or "will be usefull" stuff in your new apartment. The basements is full of everything and you just can't look at it anymore. You need our help with clearence as soon as possible. With us it will be quicker and at the end your basement will be shinning! 

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An option tailored to busy people who find it hard to find time for such a tedious  task as packing. Our professional packing service is carried out a day or two before the move - this means that you can use all your belongings until almost the last day in your flat. What's more, every box, suitcase, bag and basket is clearly labelled.

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Packing materials

We also have a range of reasonably priced packing materials for your move, including cardboard boxes in two sizes, plastic and bubble wrap, paper tape and packing paper. Delivery to your home is free!

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Disposal of waste to BSR

Old furnitures just gathering dust and you have no time to disassemble them? Would you like to get new kitchenware but dont(znowu apostrof przed t) know what to do with old one? Dont(apostrof) worry! We will help you with assembling, carrying and what is most important you can save some time and  dont have to go to BSR!

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Flat renovations

Everyone needs a change. New wall colour, new lamp in bedroom or some repairs in dinning room. We will make it fast and neat.

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Assembly and disassemble 

Our professional tools will save your time. With us everything is fast. It doesnt(apostrof) matter if you ordered new furnitures for your kitchen or new wardrobe for your bedroom we will be there  to accomplish everything for you.

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Do you need to store furniture or personal belongings for a short or longer period of time? Then you've come to the right place! We offer an affordable storage service and take care of everything ourselves - we pick it up from you, store it and bring it back to you when you need it. 

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