Flat clearance after the fire

Bad luck comes in twos, and misfortune befalls even the luckiest of people. Electricity, a pot of oil on the cooker, a lightning strike. Sometimes a fire breaks out, to the poor luck of the renters. What should we do if our flat is burnt down? How do we deal with it?
We take care of clearing the flat after a fire or preparing it for renovation, restoration. We dispose of everything that has spilled or leaked smoke.

We know that these are stressful times. We know you don't know where to put your hands first. We can optimise the whole process and help you go through it more smoothly. 

Something for you

If you haven't had time to move out your valuables, clothes or documents, we can help you move them to storage, a basement, a hotel or a place where you are staying. We have protective clothing, masks and goggles to help you feel safe in your home again. 

Every single thing has to go out?

The answer is not obvious. Depending on the extent of the fire and how quickly it will be extinguished, not all rooms are occupied. Unfortunately, a fire releases many pollutants which, if inhaled, can cause many illnesses. Sometimes renovation work requires the walls to be taken down.... We recommend that you part with your beloved furniture and recycle it as a precaution. 
However, every case is different and only when you visit the house can you decide how much furniture, jewellery, appliances and memorabilia you can keep behind. 

Our role

What does our work look like? 
We protect the hold, stairwell and driveway, then we put on our protective clothing, goggles, masks and gloves and get to work - we use shovels to put leftover furniture and appliances into bags, we dismantle furniture for recycling, sometimes we use crowbars or hammers. Apart from the fact that we sometimes use shovels and have to wear special clothing, it is classic household clearance or flat emptying. 

We then take the collected remains to the waste disposal site, where the burnt items can be returned. Burned, incinerated or smoky items will not be recycled, please be aware of this.


Clearing out a flat after a fire is somewhat more difficult than clearing out a flat, for example, after elderly people have moved into a retirement home.
Disposal is also much more expensive, as a kilo of burnt goods costs between 40 and 70 cents. In a two-room flat there is about one and a half tonnes of furniture and objects, so the cost of the waste disposal site alone is about 1,000 euros.
In the case of our company, we convert the work into working hours. The price for a whole day is about 550-750 euros, not including taxes. For a two-room flat we need one and a half to two days. 
As we have already mentioned, this work is much more difficult, but also much more satisfying, and the customer's smile really pays off. 


The opinion of the customer whose entire flat burnt down should be a tribute to our work and efforts:

After our big flat fire, this company did all the work for us.
It was amazing with what strength and speed Michal & team sorted, documented, stored and disposed of our 109 sqm FROM THE 3.FLOOR WITHOUT ELEVATOR!
Karolina, from the office, also did a great job :)
They are worth every euro, were super honest and humanly very helpful. THANK YOU dear ones! Very much looking forward to coming back!