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everything you need to know about moving

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We have been dealing with moving for several years, we know about organisation and costs and we do our best for you so that everything is exactly right down to the last detail. We wanted to put together a compendium of knowledge about relocations so that nothing can surprise you. 


How much does it cost to move?


This is a difficult question and the answer cannot be given easily. It depends on how many things you have, furniture, boxes, then with such a list we can estimate the number of cubic metres, so it is easiest to determine the price. The rate also depends on the amount of disassembly, assembly and installation work or on the floor where the two flats are located.


The average cost of moving a 40 m² flat is between €300 and €600, depending on how much furniture you have accumulated, whether you need to dismantle and assemble, and whether you have rented boxes from us. 

A simple move from a 60 m² flat usually costs around €750

The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, which is 19% of the amount. 


To find out how much your move will cost, the easiest way to contact us is to use the contact form.
In your message, you can specify the number of pieces of furniture, the estimated number of boxes, the number of plants and the floors on which the flats are located. If you need additional boxes or assembly work, please indicate this in the form. 




This is one of the more difficult stages of the move, as it shows how much stuff we have accumulated! Everything needs to be carefully packed and then unpacked....

It is best to pack your clothes in plastic bags or use a hoover to remove excess air. 

Books, jewellery, small appliances, porcelain, pots, pans and other kitchen utensils are best packed in moving boxes and protect glass and other fragile materials with foil, newspapers and blankets. 

Plant pots should be well protected before transport. 

It is best to use anything you can get your hands on, e.g. reusable bags can also be used for books, vinyl or sculptures.  You can also pack clothes in a travel suitcase, and if you pack everything in a suitcase, you won't create empty space in the car, which is also important when calculating the cost of moving. 

Parking ban 


All movers know how important it is to have a good place to park. If there is no good place to park or the place is full of cars and people, you will need to set up a no-parking zone. This is a kind of parking space reservation during the move. This saves time, nerves and also the muscles of everyone involved in the move. 

No-parking zones are best arranged before a week of the move to avoid stress. A few days before, you need to leave the signs there and make a negative list. The negative list is simply a listing of the vehicles that were parked there on the day the signs were put up. 

We'll take care of the no-stopping order! You don't have to fill out any paperwork or get any signs! With our company, it costs €70 (83.30 including VAT) per address.
It is important that the order for the no-parking zone is placed at least one week before the move!


Changing the address


We all know that a lot of preparation is needed before a move. All authorities, banks and institutions need to know your new address. 

Who do you have to inform about your new address?

The internet provider, the electricity provider, the road traffic office, the tax office, the kindergarten, the school, the health insurance company, all insurances, banks and all subscriptions must be informed. Otherwise you will not receive any important information by post!

The best thing to do is to go through all your documents to find out where you need to put your new address. There are also many, many checklists on the internet! 




A lot of furniture has to be dismantled before the move. It's not about the small sink cupboards, broom cupboards or bookshelves, but about wardrobes or beds. Disassembled furniture takes up much less space in the van and makes organisation easier. 


We often take care of the assembly work, so that the assembly is really quick and smooth. In the case of large assembly and disassembly operations, we have to spread our work over two days, but we usually disassemble the furniture before the move and reassemble it after unloading the van. 

We have already set up so many beds and wardrobes that we often don't need photos or instructions. 


Let us help you and save yourself unnecessary hassle




Both flats have to look nice.

Although we no longer repaint the flats we want to move out of, it is sometimes necessary. Either because of the terms of the contract or out of the sheer will to return the deposit as soon as possible. There are many reasons for this!

Also, it may be that your future flat needs some improvements, sometimes even a coat of paint. 

This must be taken into account. 

If you are not able to do renovation work, change sockets, paint the walls, not just white, you can contact us, we will be happy to help


Settling in


You have to get used to every place first. A new flat also means new smells, a new configuration of the rooms, a new bathroom. A new neighbourhood also means getting to know it, finding a new gym, doctor, shop or park. This is an ongoing process. They say that you should remember your first dream in a new place, because it can mean the future!