Removal / Clearance / Cellar Clear-out

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The household clearance, also called flat removal, is the clearance of the flat together with the associated ancillary rooms (cellar, attic) from the household assets of the flat owner. 
From the household assets of the owner of the flat, which means that the owner of the flat no longer runs his or her own household. 

The removal and disposal of unusable and worthless items as part of a household liquidation is also referred to as de-cluttering. The items to be disposed of are usually bulky waste and other worthless household items. 

When is it necessary?

Whenever you feel it is necessary, we do it most often when:

  • Parents move into a senior care home,
  • A family member or friend dies and the home must be given to the owner, 
  • You move to another country and didn't have time to sell your furniture, 
  • Changing the decor of a room or the whole flat, 
  • You've accumulated too many unnecessary things in your basement.

Emptying costs

The answer is obvious: it all depends.
In fact, the cost of a small clearance, such as a cellar, starts at €25 per cubic metre.
Individual pieces of furniture or items to be dumped cost from €60.
However, for entire rooms, including the floor, the price starts at €300.
A small two-room flat of up to 60 square metres that is not very cluttered or furnished can be disposed of from €600

However, on a case-by-case basis, the price can be reduced considerably if there are items in good condition that can be sold. 

Do it yourself

What do you have to consider if you want to clear the flat yourself?
First of all, it is time-consuming and requires at least two people. In some cases, it takes more than 3 full days to clear the flat, including the basement.
On top of that, there is the cost of renting a larger vehicle or a container. 
A container costs a few hundred euros per day.
If you decide to use the car, however, you should also bear in mind that every landfill site, including BSR, charges for the disposal of more material. 
For 10 cubic metres, it costs about €100 plus VAT, depending on what's in the boot.
A two-room flat consists of at least a tonne of unnecessary wood, glass, porcelain and textiles.

Tax writeoff 

Did you know that you can deduct 20,000 EUR per year from your taxes?
Everything about your home counts, from moving house to clearing out the flat.
A tax advisor collects all your bills,
calculates 20% of them and deducts them from your income tax.
This way you can get a big tax refund.
If you have to vacate your flat because of a death or a move to a nursing home, you can apply for a full refund
This is covered by some health insurances, supplementary insurances or the authorities if one of the persons is receiving benefits or is disabled. 
In the event of death, the notary will deduct the eviction from the inheritance.

Removal company

We know from experience that it is best to make a personal appointment to discuss all the details. Then both parties have confidence in each other and the company has the time to answer all your questions about disposal, and there are many! 
Once you have received the estimates, you need to make sure that all factors are taken into account. Staff costs, container or car costs, rubbish collection costs, landfill fees, daily rate. 
It is also important to consider the availability of labour and whether the deadlines are reasonable so that there are no delays. 

Well worth it

Emptying your home is worth it in every way.
When it comes to clearing out the flat for us, we gain a lot of space, and because we are not hoarding unnecessary furniture or items, they can be reused!
And when it comes to moving into a retirement home or the death of a loved one, a full flat clearance lowers the cost of rent.
If you've been thinking about parting with a few unimportant items for a long time, write to us and we'll be happy to help.