About us

Michal Bukianiec 

Michal is a driver with many years of experience, who has crossed the whole of Europe and is familiar with local laws and habits, in addition to securing loads. 

He is hard-working and has a well-developed sense of space, not only when driving but also when loading, maybe he will become a Tetris master one day... He is not afraid of anything - the various loads that had to be secured against the slightest scratch, or the " game of time " to get the load at the given time, made him feel comfortable in this job.  

We find his calmness and composure very helpful when it comes to the big stress that can come with transports, house clearance or moving. 


Karolina Kalman

Karolina has many years of experience in working with people and in consulting. In her several years of working for a transport and removal company, she has developed a good sense for converting everything into cubic metres and estimating kilos so that moving and flat liquidations can be calculated well. 

Thereby, customers know how long the work is likely to take. She also tries to be up to date on the internet - websites, social media.... 

Karolina also knows some legal tricks that can make an offer even more attractive, and some knowledge of accounting is also useful.




We have been in the market for a few years and have successfully moved rooms and studios as well as larger flats, our biggest success so far was a 120 m² flat, 6 people, two big cars, there was a lot to do. 

In the field of transport, we mostly deal with moving private and business properties throughout Germany, as well as transporting goods - vitrines, wardrobes, kitchen furniture and appliances, items and equipment for events, concerts, exhibitions, company events, specialised gastronomy, laboratory and building tools or simply household appliances. You might say we load, transport and deliver everything that can be transported. We have the necessary materials and safety equipment to make this service professional.

Another area we specialise in is emptying homes and basements, as well as rooms, even after a fire or the death of a family member. We prepare the flat for renovation or key handover. We leave the flat in "pre-rented" condition. We also work with builders, so we can offer a complete service from A to Z. 

We have many years of experience, which enables us to offer you all the advice and the best possible service, because we do it for you first and foremost, and your satisfaction and positive reviews reward us for all our efforts.