Professional decluttering and deep cleaning

Living means feeling good - we support you with professional decluttering and deep cleaning

In certain phases of our lives, we may not be able to take care of the tidiness and cleanliness of our home due to physical or mental illness, deep trauma or ongoing feelings of grief and stress. Psychologists, therapists and psychotherapists often mention that keeping the home tidy has a significant impact on recovering quickly from difficult situations. That's why professional services such as house clearance and deep cleaning are essential at times like these, when we need to focus on more important things. Our job is to be there for you exactly when you need us most.

Clearing out & deep cleaning - a fresh start for your home

Decluttering is an essential part of the house clearance service. This includes removing excess rubbish, sorting out newspapers and correspondence, disposing of appliances that are no longer needed and restoring the functionality of all pieces of furniture. 
Our main tasks also include cleaning floors, removing dust and cobwebs, descaling sanitary facilities and degreasing the kitchen. We ensure that tiles and surfaces shine and neutralise unpleasant odours to restore the cosiness of your home. 
What sets us apart from other companies is that we can also help you clean windows and window frames, ozonate rooms and wash carpets and sofas. We also carry out minor renovation work, such as filling holes in the wall, fitting baseboards, painting the flat and assembling furniture. 
A clean, tidy and cosy home can make a huge contribution to creating a feeling of security, happiness and harmony.

The most important thing: your well-being

When using our services, we attach great importance to discretion and confidentiality. We respect your privacy and refrain from passing judgement - our sole goal is to help you in your situation. What seems almost impossible to deal with in months can often be done in just a few days.

Free quote and possible refund of costs

A visit in person and a estimate are always free of charge. Your local authority or social welfare office may also reimburse the costs. You should therefore contact your local authority or social worker.

Asking for help is a sign of strength

If you or someone close to you needs help with clearing out and cleaning out their home, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our team is ready to take this load off your shoulders. You can reach us simply and easily via the online form, by phone, Whatsapp or e-mail
Together we will create a place for you.